How long does it take to heal spondylolysis?


Usually, it is somewhere between 6 and 12 weeks. However, for some, it can be a lifelong condition. We will be able to advise you better about your specific case once we see you in person and run the diagnostics we need.

How long does it take to heal spondylolysis?2021-12-30T08:36:21+00:00

Can I run with spondylolisthesis?


This all depends on how your condition presents. If you enjoy running or run as part of a specific sport you play, discuss this with your doctor. They can give you more specific advice.

Can I run with spondylolisthesis?2021-12-30T08:35:43+00:00

What can make spondylolisthesis worse?


If you continue to engage in activities that stress the spine without getting proper medical care, it can make the condition worse. Additionally, if yours is degenerative, it may naturally worsen on its own no matter what you do.

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What should you not do with spondylolisthesis?


Essentially, you need to rest the lumbar spine. So lifting, twisting, and bearing a lot of weight should be avoided. Your doctor will make clear any specific restrictions you have.

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What does cervical herniation feel like?


This varies between individuals. Typically, symptoms present in the arms and can include pain, numbness, and tingling. In some cases, a person may not have any sensations as a result of a minor disc herniation.

What does cervical herniation feel like?2021-12-30T07:39:27+00:00

Can I exercise with cervical herniated disc?


Yes! In fact, certain exercises can help improve cervical disc herniation. However, the key is to do the proper exercises and avoid those that stress the cervical discs. We can help you determine which types of exercise are best and which need to be off limits.

Can I exercise with cervical herniated disc?2021-12-30T07:38:49+00:00

When is a herniated cervical disc an emergency?


A herniated cervical disc is considered an emergency if you are experiencing muscle weakness as a result of it or if your symptoms are rapidly getting worse—for example, getting progressively worse every 1-3 hours.

When is a herniated cervical disc an emergency?2021-12-30T07:37:55+00:00

What should you not do with a herniated cervical disc?


You shouldn’t do anything that could stress the neck and upper back. This means avoiding high-impact exercises, lifting heavy materials, running and jogging, and playing certain sports like basketball. If your job involves heavy lifting, you will need accommodations until your disc herniation is resolved.

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