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Pain, especially back pain, can be anywhere from a slight inconvenience to a major debilitating condition. It can affect how we live, work and play on a day to day basis. We are a pain management clinic in the Chicago area that specializes in treatment of spine conditions. Our highly trained and compassionate staff really listen to our patients to best understand how their pain may have developed so as to provide the best possible protocol for effective and long lasting treatment.

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Sacro-Iliac Joint Injection in Chicago, IL

Reasons For Pain

Many patients end up with back pain for many different reasons. Some have experienced a trauma such as an accident or fall. Others have developed pain in the lower spine or hip after pregnancy or sports injuries. Some have experienced failed back surgeries and are looking for help with residual pain.

Pain Management Demand

We may include a sacro-iliac, lumbar or cervical spine joint injection of steroids and other medications for back and hip pain. Our studies and experience with hundreds of patients have made us realize the enormous demand for pain management physicians, therapists and nurses.

Women With Shoulder Pain

Gender Related Back Pain

Women are often unwittingly exposed to back pain simply as a result of their gender. Estrogen and other hormones that course through their systems can take a toll on joint health. Pregnancy hormones and weight gain can soften the discs as the body prepares itself naturally for childbirth. Women also put their backs and hips at risk when they care for children, lifting, bending and tending to their babies and toddlers. As they age, women can experience far more back and hip pain than men do at similar stages in life.

We Take Care Of You

We take a full medical and social history of each patient and make recommendations for Pain Management Services. We always recommend taking x-rays and other images such as magnetic resonance imaging to obtain a clear overview of the patient’s complaint. Physical therapy, including the proper way to lift, medication and joint injection therapy are some of the ways we help our patients manage their lives and their pain.

We truly believe that every patient can be helped with the right treatment options explained to them.

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