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Neck and back pain are unfortunately common in individuals of all ages, and this pain can sometimes radiate to your arms and to other areas of the body. Such pain may be sharp and unbearable, or it could be nagging and bothersome. Regardless of the type of pain that you are feeling right now in your neck or back, you understandably want to ease your symptoms and get back to leading a normal, healthy life. After all, you may have trouble working, exercising and otherwise enjoying different aspects of your normal life routine. Because there are many causes of neck, back and arm pain, there is not a catch-all treatment that is right for everyone. However, cervical facet injections may ease the pain that you are feeling so that you can return to life as usual, and we can help you to learn more about getting a cervical facet joint injection for your current pain issue.

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What are Cervical Facet Injections?

The cervical joints are the small joints that allow the spine to move freely. You may experience pain in these joints that is related to an injury, arthritis, stress and more. Because these joints are directly responsible for providing you with comfortable and unhindered movement of the spine, they are critical to your mobility and overall quality of life. A cervical facet joint injection is one treatment option available to you when you are suffering from this type of pain. It involves injecting the space between your spinal bones with a shot of time-release cortisone using a needle and x-ray equipment. To promote comfort during this procedure, you may be given a numbing injection or some other type of pain reliever before the cortisone injection is administered.

How Does This Type of Injection Ease Pain?

Many of the common causes of cervical joint pain are related to inflammation. The cortisone that is administered through cervical facet injections can directly reduce swelling and inflammation. When this inflammation subsides, you may feel much more relaxed and comfortable. Because this is a time-release shot of cortisone, you may find that the injection provides you wiith long-term pain relief in some cases. However, if you have an ongoing cause of pain, such as arthritis, you may need to obtain future injections on a regular basis. The frequency of these injections, however, may vary dramatically from patient to patient.

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What Will Life Be Like After Receiving a Cervical Facet Joint Injection?

In some cases, the cortisone injection may take several days to begin working. When the numbing medicine wears off, you may even notice increased pain at the injection site until the time-release cortisone begins to provide you with positive benefits. Your doctor may ask you to keep a pain diary or log so that you can monitor and communicate your pain level accurately. The first day that you receive the injection, you should not move around significantly, and you also should not drive a car. You may resume normal activities the following day, and you may expect to enjoy substantial pain relief within two to five days after you have received the cervical facet joint injection. Keep in mind that the longevity of the results will vary from person to person based on their level of health and the condition that is causing the pain. You should not begin physical exercise until approximately one to two weeks after the pain has subsided, and you should only increase your exercise activity level gradually for the best results.

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Take the First Step

If you are suffering from back and neck pain or from pain that radiates to your extremities, getting a cervical fact injection treatment may be suitable for easing your pain and helping you to resume a normal, active life. Back pain and pain in proximal areas can have a negative and even debilitating impact on your life, and this is no way to live. An effective treatment option is available through this injection, and it may be right for you. Consulting with our Pain Management Services team today to determine your cause of pain and possible treatment options is a great first step to take if you want to move past your pain issue.

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