Supartz Effective Treatment for Knee Pain, Immobility

If osteoarthritis in the knee is preventing you from going about your normal daily activities or participating in such pleasurable activities as running, walking or jogging, you may benefit from Supartz. Supartz is a medication used successfully at the Pain & Spine Institute to treat knee pain in men and women experiencing knee pain and mobility issues due to joint inflammation caused by osteoarthritis.

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How is Supartz Administered?

Your Pain & Spine Institute physician injects this potent medication directly into the affected joint, usually on a schedule of once weekly. In some cases, you may need to have the doctor extract any extra fluid that has accumulated in the knee joint prior to the injection of Supartz. The key ingredient that makes this medication so effective at relieving knee pain and loss of mobility is sodium hyaluronate, also known as hyaluronin, a substance that is very similar to the material that naturally occurs in the cartilage of the joints. Once injected directly into the joint, it serves to lubricate the joint and act as a shock absorber so that the knee experiences freer range of motion, thereby lessening joint pain and stiffness.

How many treatments are necessary to see results?

Most individuals notice a difference by the time a third dose of medication has been administered.

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What are the Benefits of Supartz Therapy?

This is a relatively painless procedure that only takes minutes to perform, right at the Pain & Spine Institute Clinic. It is also a more cost effective and quick way of treating osteoarthritis in the knee rather than resorting to expensive surgery that also involves downtime. Patients are often advised by the doctor to follow a certain physical therapy regimen following each injection in order to strengthen the knee joint and realize more lasting results.

To prevent knee osteoarthritis and its associated pain and immobility from interfering with your active lifestyle, schedule a consultation with a Pain & Spine Institute physician to determine how Supartz Therapy and pain management can rehabilitate your painful and stiff knee joints.

To learn more about joint injections for the shoulder, hip or knee, contact the Pain & Spine Institute of Joliet, Ill., at 1-888-362-7472 or 815-729-0700.

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