Stem Cell Therapy As Back Pain Treatment

Pain & Spine Institute offers stem cell therapy as one of the innovative treatment methods we use to heal spinal problems and lower back pain without the need for invasive surgery. The use of stem cells as a regenerative therapy to aid in repairing degenerative spinal discs is representative of the cutting edge techniques that Pain & Spine Institute has become known for in its mission to provide our patients with the best methods of pain management and alleviation of pain.

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What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are cells already located within the body that have not as yet been transformed in order to perform a specific function. The good news is that the stem cells we use can be harvested directly from adults rather than using controversial embryonic stem cells for our treatment purposes.

How The Procedure Works

The patient’s own stem cells can be used in this stem cell therapy procedure. We obtain the stem cells necessary from the patient’s own hip bone or fat cells. Obtaining these vital stem cells from the patient’s bone marrow located within the hip bone is a relatively painless and quick procedure. These cells are then centrifuged in order to obtain those specific primitive cells that can be used to help heal tissues.

What many patients like about this treatment is that it does not require back surgery. Stem cells can be directly injected into a degenerating spinal disc in order to help stimulate the healing process. Adult stem cells serve as primitive blood cells that stimulate the production of collagen within the damaged disc. There are several different categories of adult stem cells that can be utilized to perform this non-invasive stem cell therapy procedure, cells that can then differentiate into cartilage, fat or bone cells. By using the patient’s own stem cells, there is no risk of allergic reaction.

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Who Benefits From Stem Cell Injections?

This innovative disc regenerative procedure has proven helpful for many patients experiencing the following conditions:

  • Discogenic back pain

  • Muscular tears

  • Osteoarthritis of the joints

  • Chronic rotator cuff tears

  • Sacroiliac joint pain

  • Partial tendon tears

Most patients experience pain relief and improvement in their condition within two to three months following the completion of treatment, with some degree of relief noticed immediately. As few as one and as many as 12 injections may be required over a period of time.

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Who Benefits From Stem Cell Injections?

The best way for any patient to determine if this form of pain management can benefit them is to schedule a consultation with one of the caring professionals at Pain & Spine Institute. As one of the latest technological advances in helping to heal a variety of spinal and back issues, stem cell therapy is not without risks. But it presents a number of important benefits that make it a viable non-surgical pain management option for many men and women seeking relief from chronic pain.

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