A Neck Pain Specialist in Joliet Who Knows What Works

There are a wide range of health conditions that can cause you to experience regular pain. Some of these conditions may be diseases like fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, arthritis and others. Other conditions may have developed due to a sudden and traumatic event like a work-related injury or an injury from a car accident or sports-related event. Many sources of regular pain can be effectively treated through spinal intervention in Joliet or pain intervention in other areas of the body. At the Pain and Spine Institute in Joliet, a back or neck pain specialist in Joliet can provide you with a safe and highly effective way to alleviate your pain.

An effective back pain specialist in Illinois

Back Pain Specialist in IllinoisWhether you need a neck or back pain specialist in Illinois or you need pain relief in another area of the body, the Pain and Spine Institute is the health center to turn to for the relief that you seek. As a leader in spinal intervention in Joliet and in other methods of pain relief, you can easily turn to us for your pain relief. We treat a wide range of conditions through services such as a facet joint injection, a hip injection, a shoulder injection, a cervical selective nerve root block, a caudal steroid injection, a radiofrequency ablation and other forms of blocks. These injections are administered through our team of anesthesiology pain specialists, and they may result in numbing or dulling of the pain. In most cases, the pain may be removed from the body entirely.
At the Pain and Spine Institute in Joliet, we know that you have several options available when you are looking for a neck or back pain specialist in Illinois. Some options may be include visiting a chiropractor, physical therapist or taking pharmaceutical medications. However, when you need a back or neck pain specialist in Joliet, we are the medical professionals to rely on for your needs. Our services can help you to reduce or eliminate the pain that you are experiencing. We offer you an effective form of pain relief that may be suitable for your condition today. Whether you are experiencing pain after an accident or due to an on-going medical condition, you can contact the Pain & Spine Institute today to schedule your first appointment. Through a consultation, you can learn more about the services that we offer and how our services may help you.