Epidural steroid injections, also called ESI, are effective for several types of back pain and leg pain. An epidural injection gives a subject pain relief that could last anywhere from several hours up to an entire year.

ESIs and facet blocks in Chicago can provide enough pain relief to perform stretching and other physical therapy in the meantime as well. Epidurals help prevent lower back pain and radicular pain, aka sciatica or leg pain.

They can also be used for cervical and neck discomfort. Epidural therapies are very common for women undergoing labor as well. An injection into the spine helps block severe pain signals effectively and safely.

But how long do spinal injections last? And how long does an epidural last for back pain specifically? Let’s answer that below:

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How Does An Epidural Work?

An epidural steroid injection is delivered into the spine directly. Occasionally a saline solution or other local anesthetic fluid flushes out inflammation from the area at the same time.

ESI is an anti-inflammatory medicine. When your back is inflamed, it puts pressure on nerves which then send pain signals to the brain. By reducing inflammation, you also reduce the pain.

An epidural can be used as a substitute for back surgery or other invasive procedures. That’s why many patients select relatively safe ESIs instead of going under the knife. At the end of the day, you can always have surgery later on if you feel that it’s required after consulting with your doctor.

The minimum and epidural gives you temporary pain relief and a clear mind to make the best decision for your health and comfort.

That being said, let’s address how long an epidural injection for pain can last.

How Long Does an ESI Last?

It’s important to understand that there are various factors that determine how long an epidural for back pain lasts. The epidural typically relieves pain immediately once it’s injected. It often lasts for several hours before fading away.

More About An Epidural Steroid Injection (How Long Does It Last?)

The steroid begins to take effect in the first week of the injection. From there, the pain relief effect can last anywhere from a couple days up to a year.

You can even receive multiple injections a few weeks apart. Gradually, you will experience less and less pain. If you require more injections than this, you should typically wait a few months and consult with your doctor or pain specialist first.

How Long Does An Epidural Last For Back Pain?

It will last anywhere from a few weeks all the way up to 12 months or so. This is plenty of time to live your life without painful sitting, standing, or sleeping.

Epidural Risks

Now that you know the answer to “how long does an epidural last” let’s cover the risks.

Getting an epidural injection is a very low risk procedure. Some rare complications, like infection or nerve damage, have occurred in the past. However, most side effects from ESIs are temporary and minor, such as weight gain or flushing.

Should You Get An Epidural?

An epidural injection can be a great way to relieve pain in the lower back and sciatica pain. The best way to determine if this is a good option for you is to ask the experts. Reach out to a qualified pain clinic in Chicago That way, you can understand exactly what the benefits, risks, and best practices are.