Mokena Alternative Pain SpecialistA cervical disc herniation minus the medical mumbo jumbo is a slipped disc in your neck. A slip disc is when, through injury or degeneration, your spine suffers damage and the jellylike substance inside the disc is pushed out through cracks causing the disc to bulge. A slipped disc can be caused by an injury or the result of age. As we age, we start to lose the fluid in our discs that keep them flexible which leads to degeneration.

Some of the common symptoms of a slipped disc are:

  • Weak arm muscles
  • Weak grip
  • Numbness and tingling accompanied by pain in arm
  • Shoulder pain

If you are experiencing these symptoms, your doctor will likely diagnose the condition with a physical exam and confirm with either a MRI, CT with Myelogram, or EMG.

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How an alternative pain specialist here in Mokena, IL can treat a cervical disc herniation and how you can avoid this condition.

alternative pain specialist in MokenaThe treatment for a slipped cervical disc is usually nonsurgical and includes rest, physical therapy, and managing the related pains with medication. For more serious symptoms, surgery may be considered, but those cases are rare.

Cervical disc herniation can be avoided by avoiding high-impact, high-risk activities which can result in injuries and regular stretching to keep your neck flexible, however, age and unavoidable injuries can result in a herniation and in such cases managing the pains caused by a slipped disc is essential to recovery.
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