athletes sitting on a bench wearing a knee braceSummertime. Yeah… Everyone loves summer. However, just hearing that one word floods the mind with happy thoughts of camping, picnics, sports, swimming, bike riding, outdoors, 4th of July, and family. Some outdoor summer activities include hiking, jogging, swimming, biking, water skiing, kayaking, rock climbing, volleyball, softball, football, basketball, skateboarding, maybe even some skydiving and bungee jumping. Because summer brings many more activities than any other season, summer also brings many more sports injuries. Ankle and knee injuries are most frequent in the summer, and back injuries increase during the summer months as well. Dealing with the pain of an injury is often times even more debilitating than the injury itself. We want to help educate and treat you before a bigger and lingering problem occurs. The longer an injury goes untreated, the more difficult it is for you and being able to indemnify your body to heal the right way in the time frame you need. In the Chicago metro area, the experienced staff at The Pain & Spine Institute specializes in treating the aches and pains that occur from summer time sports injuries.

Here are a few tips to follow for a safer, injury free summer:

  • Always wear a properly fitted helmet and replace it after any serious fall. This is the most important thing you can do to avoid brain injury and even save your life. Many summer sports become much safer with the wearing of a helmet. Also, wear the correct protective gear that is recommended for the sport you are participating in. Additionally, most sports offer proper protection and fitted gear to make your experience fun, safe, and pain free. Utilize these whenever possible.
  • Have fun, but know your limitations. If you are just starting a sport like rock climbing or kayaking, take a few lessons and get all the tips you can from a pro. Be patient and take it easy. Give yourself time to feel comfortable with the beginning steps before trying the more difficult ones.
  • Be familiar with your surroundings and stay alert. Be aware of changing weather conditions and get familiar with the terrain around you.
  • The very best way to prevent muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries is to do a small “warm-up” and light stretching before getting into the heavy and rigorous activity. These types of injuries happen regularly with sports that make you change direction quickly, jump, lift, or throw. Please check with your coach or athletic trainer on the best way to “warm-up” before your sport begins.

Injuries are never fun. Sometimes there isn’t much that you can do to prevent accidents. They happen. The Pain & Spine Institute has years of experience across many thousands of patients and cases that we’ve treated. You won’t find a better staff or set of doctors who know more about treating your potential summertime injury more than we do.

If you find yourself with an injury that needs medical attention and you are in the greater Chicago area, our pain specialists are here to help. The Pain & Spine Institute in Joliet and Mokena are open daily for consults and visits. We also have a satellite clinic in Berwyn. Our friendly and professional staff is always ready to welcome you into one of our Chicago area offices to help you today. Our consultations are complimentary prior to treatment. We’re here to help. Don’t fear the doctor, but fear what will happen if you can’t make it in to see the right doctor!