A variety of conditions are treatable with pain management. Whether you need injections, radiofrequency, sciatica treatment, epidurals, or chronic pain exercises, the right pain doctors can consult with you honestly. Then they can provide you with the best course of action for your needs.

You deserve to live and move without pain in your life. There’s a saying that a healthy man has many wishes, but a sick man only has one wish and that’s to feel healthy. Well, if you want to feel good, then there’s more to it than simply mental health.

There’s also physical pain to consider. When you’re in pain, it becomes difficult to do daily activities. Therefore, you’re probably looking for some solutions to relieve this discomfort.

Luckily, you’re in the right place, so keep reading and we’ll talk about several different exercises for chronic pain.

Standard Pain And Chronic Back Pain Exercises

Here are 7 exercises for reducing chronic pain to try immediately:


Walking is a great exercise to relieve pain because it’s something that almost anyone can do. It’s an aerobic activity which means it gets your cardio going.

It also is low impact, therefore it doesn’t have too much stress on your joints, bones, or other parts of your body. Walking helps increase circulation which ultimately can decrease stiffness and nerve pain.

Aquatic exercises

One of the best exercises for chronic pain is getting in the pool. Getting into the water for a quick dip can be a great way to relieve chronic pain. One of the great things about water is that it’s low pressure on your joints.

In fact, people of all ages can enjoy the pool and other types of water exercises to relieve their long-term pain.

Yoga and stretching

It’s no secret that when you’re more flexible there’s less pressure on your nerves and muscles, therefore you’ll experience less pain.

Oftentimes poor posture and lack of flexibility are some of the causes of chronic pain. Therefore, if you have back pain, knee pain, or other types of pain, consider a daily yoga or stretching routine.

Strength training

You can experience chronic pain if certain areas of your body are weaker than others. For instance, core instability, such as your abs or lower back, can lead to injury and chronic pain.

By balancing your overall strength profile on your body, it’ll lead to more levels of comfort and pain-free movement.

Engage in more daily activities

You don’t always have to hit the gym or the water in order to move your body. Try cooking, hanging out with family, going on hikes, and other activities.

The more that you move your body and increase circulation, the more that your muscles and nerves can actually relax. This is because circulation helps improve the growth of muscles and the transfer of vitamins and minerals from the food that you eat.


While seated, you can move your back without putting too much strain on it. It’s one of the reasons this exercise is so helpful for chronic pain.


This is different from extreme mountain climbing. It’s like walking, but with more scenery. You’ll get the blood going and also treat yourself to some positive mental health.

Additional Ways To Relieve Pain

You can consider scheduling an appointment with a pain management clinic. Pain doctors are specialists in treating various types of conditions. Sometimes it has to do with your nerve, your muscle, your spine, or more.

Whether you have pain in your lumbar, disc, back, neck, knees, or more, a specialist can help.

A pain doctor knows how to use the right medications, treatments, and even lifestyle changes to ensure you’re feeling your best. So don’t forget about this resource that is available to you.

Relieve Your Pain Today

If you’re experiencing chronic pain, then you should absolutely do an exercise for chronic pain management above. However, visiting a pain management clinic in Chicago is also something you should consider.

The Pain and Spine Institute has specialists that are ready to help you feel better right away.