Relief from stubborn chronic pain, finally.

End recurring treatments – get lasting relief

  • Long-term pain relief with minimal to no opioids

  • Non-surgical treatments for quick recovery
  • Covered by commercial insurances & Medicare

Real Patient Stories

“I have no more leg pain which was killing me before from my hip to my ankle. That is completely gone!”
Bill, Vertiflex Procedure
“I am looking forward to getting back to being active. My daughter suggested I start doing yoga and I am excited to do this!”
Donna, Spinal Cord Stimulator Procedure

“Six weeks after the procedure I did a six- mile walk. That was my success right there.”

Jeff, Vertiflex Procedure
“Came home the same day, and the next thing I was busy doing all the things I enjoy doing.”
Bill, Stimwave Procedure
“I can stand and walk erect devoid of pain. I feel as though I am finally getting my life back.”
Paul, Racz Procedure

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What Patients Are Saying

Sherry T.

five star review

“I feel like I’m human again and can do whatever I want”

Roy A.

five star review

“I regained 95% of my life back”

Coleen D.

five star review

“I feel like I’m back to my old life and activities I love”

Devi P.

five star review

“I’m able to get back to gardening!”