Back Pain Specialist in IllinoisAt the Pain and Spine Institute, we pride ourselves on being the pain specialist Illinois residents can call when they need help recovering from an accident or injury as well as when they need help managing pain associated with a disease or chronic condition. Although many locals come to us for help with back pain and spinal issues, we work with a broad range of bodily issues including the treatment of conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia, which affect all-over health.

Chronic pain diminishes your quality of life and can cause serious issues with activity and mobility, but our professionals, each of them a pain specialist Illinois residents can trust, work tirelessly and compassionately to find effective pain management solutions for each of our patients. We focus primarily on providing injections that will assuage the pain and help patients return to their daily activities.

Pain and Spine Institute Qualities

A pain specialist Illinois residents can count on should always be willing to work with other professionals to find innovative means that produce results, and our staff does this by consulting chiropractors, psychologists, neurologists, surgeons, physical therapists and other professionals. Our goal is to bring pain relief and healing to as many people as possible through the use of non-surgical, minimally invasive techniques, and we work with a team in order to deliver optimal results.

pain specialist helping a patient relieve pain from spine and neckYou can count on the staff at the Pain and Spine Institute to provide quality service regardless of the source of your pain, and we find that the broad range of treatment options we provide helps us maintain our status as a pain specialist Illinois residents trust. We specialize in safe, effective injections that include a variety of nerve block injections, trigger point injections, caudal steroid injections, epidurals for cancer patients, joint injections and soft tissue injections.

Many people think of our services as being specific to issues with back or neck pain, but we offer treatment for those experiencing other types of pain as well. Our migraine treatments help many locals manage headaches that had at one time became debilitating, and other treatments we provide bring hope to many who seek a pain specialist Illinois citizens can turn to.