The pain specialists Illinois residents trust most not only care about their patients but also have the expertise and certifications to provide the best in modern pain management techniques. At Pain and Spine Insitute, we understand this and only work with the top experts in our fields as we seek to provide relief to patients suffering from accidents, injuries and a wide range of diseases and chronic medical conditions.

Pain Specialists Illinois Can TrustAlthough many locals seek our assistance with issues related to back pain and spinal injuries, we work with patients suffering from a full range of problems and bodily pain of many different types. The pain specialists Illinois citizens can trust who work in our offices provide treatment for arthritis, whiplash injuries, sciatica, fibromyalgia, cancer-related pain, phantom limb pain, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, spinal stenosis, coccydynia, peripheral neuralgia, myofascial pain syndrome, migraines and more.

Pain and Spine Institute Treatment

At our modern facilities, we specialized in providing pain relief through safe, state-of-the-art injection treatments, and our staff works closely with a number of professionals across disciplines to ensure that we consistently provide the best possible care for our patients. As pain specialists Illinois residents can trust, we offer soft tissue injections, Botox, lumbar sympathetic block, ankle nerve block, discography, epidurals for cancer patients, cervical steroid injections, joint injections, myelography, stellate ganglion block, trigger point injections and more.

Pain and Spine Institute Treatment

The staff at Pain and Spine Institute are qualified pain specialists Illinois locals can count on to take utmost care in providing treatment that suppresses pain and helps many patients return to more active and fulfilling lifestyles. When pain invades your body so that even simple activities such as walking, standing or sitting become uncomfortable or unbearable, it’s time for you to contact our offices.

As leading pain specialists Illinois patients can count on for help in managing chronic pain, we understand the importance of education and cutting-edge technology to treat pain. For this reason, we maintain a regular blog to help keep our patients and those interested in pain management aware of available treatments and recent advances in our field as well as related fields.