pain specialist speaking with patient about spinal column while holding a model of the spineThe Pain and Spine Institute provides a full menu of pain management options to patients across the state through the help of a top-notch staff of board certified physicians and chiropractors. Our Illinois pain specialists work with those who have been hurt in car accidents, have incurred on-the-job injuries and have experienced sports injuries as well as those suffering from a broad spectrum of painful, chronic diseases and disorders.


We provide a multidisciplinary approach to pain management, incorporating the help of medical doctors and specialists as well as osteopathic physicians, psychologists and chiropractors, which allows us to address each patient’s individual condition and concerns more specifically. In addition to trauma-related injuries and conditions, our Illinois pain specialists treat chronic conditions including degenerative disc disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, herniated discs, sciatica, migraine headaches, coccydynia, chronic fatigue syndrome, peripheral neuralgia, phantom limb pain and spinal stenosis.

Pain and Spine Institute Specialization

At the Pain and Spine Institute, we specialize in helping those who haven’t been able to find help elsewhere, and as a result, many of our patients have recently had MRI or CT scans completed by other medical professionals. In order to help such individuals get the care they need, our Illinois pain specialists provide free MRI or CT scan reviews to new patients, and often times this assists us in not only making a more accurate diagnosis of the problem but also formulating a personalized treatment plan.

Illinois Pain Specialists Can Help YouChronic pain from an accident, injury or ongoing medical condition can have a drastic effect on your quality of life, and the Illinois pain specialists at Pain and Spine Institute would like the opportunity to help you manage that pain. Our personalized treatment plans focus on utilizing injections to manage pain and help patients return to more active and productive lifestyles.

Patients and those interested in learning about the most innovative modern techniques now available in the field of pain management should follow the Pain and Spine Institute’s regular blog. Here, our Illinois pain specialists share new innovations and explain the many services we provide to people such as yourself who are seeking relief from pain.