Pain and Spine Institute treats several conditions caused by previous surgeries, automobile accidents, work injuries and other incidences that have caused pain. They are an interventional pain medicine clinic, members of Bolingbrook Adventist Hospital, members of Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center and are double board certified.

A Person Receiving Treatment For His Back PainPain and Spine Institute works in conjunction with several physical therapists, psychologists, spine surgeons, orthopedics, neurologists, psychiatrists, chiropractors, oncologists, chiropractors and rheumatologists. They can help patients discover the cause of a patient’s sciatica, which can exhibit symptoms of tingling, burning, pain in the buttock, numbness, weakness, shooting pain and other pains experienced in the back, down the leg and at times, into the toes.

Pain and Spine Institute helps patients to minimize and alleviate their discomfort for a host of ailments. The cause of pain does not affect one’s quality of life so much as the actual pain of it and for this reason, any pain experienced needs to be eradicated in an effective and thorough manner.

Improve the Quality of Life With Pain & Spine Institute

Pain & Spine Institute understands the need to have an improved quality of life and treats pain in the best method possible according to the best treatment plan for each patient. For example, moderate to severe pain can be suppressed through the use of injections as well as radiofrequency ablations, facet joint injections and discography.

A Man Experiencing Lower Back PainPain and Spine Institute meets with new patients with the anticipation to provide pain-relief and this is accomplished by first meeting with the patient, discovering past treatments, their current health condition and how best to proceed from thereon out. Their treatment plans are non-surgical and oftentimes treatment can include pain-relief without the use of prescription pain medication.

It is important to rid of back pain and forms of pain quickly, thoroughly and in the best manner possible. Pain gets in the way of spending time with friends and family. Pain causes delays with vacations, get-togethers and the accomplishment of errands. Pain delays life and robs a person’s quality of life. Back pain and other areas of the body that can experience pain need to be relieved to experience quality of life.