Many adults today suffer with pain. In fact, about 20% of US adults have chronic pain, and nearly half of those have so much pain that it limits their life and work. Pain doesn’t just affect your physical body.

It also affects your mentality. So if you’ve been suffering from terrible pain, you may be wondering “what is ketamine infusion for pain?”

In this article, let’s discuss what a ketamine infusion is and whether or not it’s something that you can acquire. It may be appropriate to get ketamine for pain in Chicago soon.

What Is Ketamine For Pain?

Before we determine what a ketamine infusion is, let’s talk about what ketamine is. Ketamine is colloquially known as a street drug or even a tranquilizer for animals.

However, its true use is as an anesthetic in medical scenarios. Of course, ketamine should be used under proper supervision to avoid abuse. But if used correctly, like any other medicine, it can be very effective.

It has FDA clearance for relieving pain for a variety of conditions. This includes depression, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain.

How Does Ketamine Work?

What does ketamine do for pain? Ketamine blocks your spinal cord from sending an overwhelming amount of pain signals. It does this via neurotransmitters.

What Are Ketamine Infusions?

Ketamine infusion is a sub-anesthetic dose of ketamine. A full anesthetic dose would be used for surgery, but the sub-anesthetic dose is enough to treat certain ailments such as chronic migraines and other kinds of pain.

A good ketamine infusion can be used to treat pain and discomfort from cancer, phantom pain, fibromyalgia, chronic regional pain syndrome, CRPS, spinal injuries, sickle cell disease, migraines, back pain, and more.

How Long Does Ketamine Last?

The pain-relieving benefits of ketamine depends on the type of dose and the type of pain you’re experiencing. Some patients find that they get incredible pain relief for at least eight hours from headaches.

Others even report long-term pain relief for months for certain conditions.

Is A Ketamine Infusion Right For You?

The only way to find out if ketamine is good for you is to consult the experts in pain treatment. Your doctor can help you understand if therapeutic ketamine is a good option.

It works for most people who are dealing with significant pain. However, you may want to receive additional guidance before undergoing ketamine infusion therapy if you experience any of the following conditions: substance abuse, cardiovascular disease, psychosis.

As with any type of pain therapy, it’s important to weigh all of your options.

Stop the Pain

By seeing pain specialists in Chicago, you can receive a ketamine infusion. This will help you limit your chronic pain and excruciating pain.

There may also be other treatments available that are more appropriate for treating the pain you’re experiencing. Everyone is unique. So consult the experts today. Discover how you can begin to live life with a newfound comfort and ease.